What’s Your Great Costume Idea This Halloween?

Thanksgiving and Christmas may be famed for bringing friends and family together over a big feast, but Halloween is arguably the most exciting holiday of the year because it allows both old and young to ignite their childhood fantasies and don outlandish clothing all in the name of good fun. Oh, and there’s the endless supply of candy too!

While many of our head office staff gear up for our annual Halloween costume contest, we thought for the sake of the season, we would ask our friends and fans what their great Halloween costume ideas are for 2012.

Last year’s popular costumes included the black swan ballerina from the movie of the same name, zombies and zombie-killing sheriffs à la ‘The Walking Dead’, Captain America, The Green Lantern, the Robot from LMFAO, and ‘TRON Legacy’ characters.

We’re not too sure what this year’s popular outfit will be, but judging by the popularity of PSY’s song Gangnam Style, there may be a quite a few baby blue suits on the horizon.

Send us your great Halloween costume ideas via facebook, twitter or wordpress or feel free to send us your pictures too!

Most importantly, however, from all of us at Sandman Hotel Group, have a happy, safe and fun Halloween.

We couldn’t let Halloween pass without a mention!

An unexplained, orb-like glow in the corner of a grainy film or photograph, objects that appear to hurl themselves across the room, and some low decibel grumblings caught on a crackly recording. Whether or not you buy into the authenticity of these seemingly paranormal acts caught on camera, there is no doubting that the idea of the supernatural has many people gripped. And at no other time are we more excited by all things terrifying than Halloween!

Haunted houses, ghost tours, ‘fright nights’ at theme parks and scary movies are the standard fare of Halloween thrill seekers – but why do we do it to ourselves? Why do we enjoy being scared?

Well, there are a few theories on this. One psychological explanation being that it is another way for us to test our boundaries and limitations, in much the same way as we do when partaking in extreme sports – like bungee jumping (if you’re into that kind of thing!). Our brains allow us to enjoy the adrenaline rush induced by a scary movie scene for example, all the while knowing that we are not in any real immediate danger.

Of course, not everyone needs Halloween to be a roller-coaster of extreme terror and gore, some of us simply like to dress up, eat sick-inducing candy and carve comic faces in pumpkins. Whatever your ‘fear threshold’, we’ve compiled a list of Halloween events and scary haunts across Canada to inspire you this Halloween season!


Stanley Park Halloween Ghost Train
Until October 31st, you can ride the Stanley Park Halloween Ghost Train!  http://vancouver.ca/parks/events/ghosttrain/index.htm

Vancouver Trolley Company

If you’re genuinely looking for a fright and love gruesome tales – then you could always take a haunted ride with the Vancouver Trolley Company. Expect to swing by the cemetery and the police museum’s autopsy room on this guided tour of Vancouver’s most terrifying haunts.


Halloween Events
This website lists a great selection of Halloween events, sorted into categories; ’The Truly Terrifying’, ‘Family-Friendly Chills and Thrills’, ‘Parties for Late-Night Phantoms’ and ‘Sophisticated Spirits’! http://www.visitcalgary.com/maps-tools/inside-guide/fright-nights-halloween-events-guide


Edmonton appear to be doing Halloween in style this year – with a dedicated website boasting details of a great range of spooky events , with something for everyone!http://dedmonton.com/


Ghost Tours
It would seem that Winnipeg is steeped in ghostly history, with a number of companies offering ghost tours of the city. http://www.heartlandtravel.ca/Ghosttours.htm

Halloween Howl
This sounds like the perfect Halloween event for children, with Halloween inspired arts & crafts and sweet, ‘healthy’ treats?! http://childrensmuseum.com/


This website seems to have the best collection of Halloween events taking place in Toronto this season! Everything from an ‘After Dark Film Festival’ to Halloween party events. http://www.toronto.com/article/643891–must-see-halloween-events-in-toronto?gid=699611


Laronde – Fright Fest!
Laronde Amusement Park is scarier than normal! In fact, Fright Fest claims to be one of the most terrifying Halloween events in the WORLD!  (Not suitable for children under 13!) http://www.laronde.com/larondeen/