Revelstoke Mountain Resort and Selkirk Tangiers Heli Skiing Launch Summer Heli Activities

Revelstoke Mountain Resort, Selkirk TangiersRevelstoke Mountain Resort (RMR) and Selkirk Tangiers Heli Skiing (STHS) are excited to announce a brand new program of heli-accessed summer adventures in the spectacular Selkirk Mountains.

Revelstoke Mountain, Selkirk Tangiers, heli hiking, mountain bikingThe line-up being offered for the inaugural summer of heli activities will include: helicopter sightseeing flights, heli hiking, heli-assisted alpine picnics, heli mountaineering, heli glacier trekking, and select heli-accessed mountain bike options.

The summer adventures will all take flight from the heli pad conveniently located at the base of Revelstoke Mountain Resort, just steps from The Sutton Place Hotel, and will be operated by Selkirk Tangiers Heli Skiing.

Jeff Honig, Operations Manager at Selkirk Tangiers Heli Skiing, said they are thrilled by the opportunity to introduce new and existing guests to over 50,000 acres of remarkable terrain this summer.

“While this is new territory for us as a business, it’s a familiar playing field in terms of taking guests into the mountains via helicopter,” he explained.

“I’m certain that guests are going to be blown away by the stunning alpine scenery, and we are looking forward to playing in the Selkirk peaks in warmer temperatures than we’re used to!”

Selkirk Tangiers, Revelstoke MountainAs one of the original heli-skiing operations in the Revelstoke area, Selkirk Tangiers has been offering highly successful winter programs since 1978. The recent approval of the summer tenure application from the British Columbia Ministry of Forest, Land & Natural Resources makes this exciting next step possible.

The season is scheduled to run from July 3rd until September 7th. A full list of offerings is available at
Revelstoke Mountain, Selkirk Tangiers, hiking

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Happy World Towel Day!

world towel day

Do you love Douglas Adams books?  Then this is the day for you!

Towel Day encourages all fans to carry around a towel on the momentous date.  But where does the idea stem from?

Well, if you’ve read The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, you’ll already know the answer! In Guide to the Galaxy, Adams talks about why a towel is the most important item a space-travelling hitchhiker can have.

Not only is it extremely practical – you can use it to keep warm, to lie on, to sleep on, and to use as a miniraft as you sail down the River Moth!

“More importantly, a towel has immense psychological value. For some reason, if a strag (strag: non-hitch hiker) discovers that a hitchhiker has his towel with him, he will automatically assume he is also in possession of a toothbrush, face flannel, soap, tin of biscuits, flask, compass, map, ball of string, gnat spray, wet weather gear, space suit etc., etc. Furthermore, the strag will then happily lend the hitchhiker any of these or a dozen other items that the hitchhiker might accidentally have “lost”. What the strag will think is that any man who can hitch the length and breadth of the galaxy, rough it, slum it, struggle against terrible odds, win through, and still knows where his towel is, is clearly a man to be reckoned with.”

Douglas Adams: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

world towel day, douglas adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

So what can you do to celebrate the day?  Well, carry your towel! (okay, that was the obvious one).

Sandman Hotel Group subscribe to the three “R’s” (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) in all divisions. It starts with our construction sites and their ability to recycle as much material as possible, from one site to another, right through to our restaurants who recycle cooking oils. In our hotels, we ask our guests to participate in helping to reduce excessive laundry requests, and this includes reusing towels.

Approximately 75% of our guests who are asked to participate in our towel-energy savings program do help by using their towels more than once. You can join our fellow guests in this program and help save the environment by reusing your towels during your stay.

With the combined recycling efforts of our laundries, restaurants, and energy committees, we are constantly trying to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Annual reviews of our energy consumption, waste removal/recycling, and in-house initiatives are conducted. New ideas and suggestions are distributed throughout the corporation for the sole purpose of minimizing our impact on both the local and global environment.

Happy Towel Day to all!

Random Animal Myths & Truths

animal groupFrom immortal jellyfish and death-defying tardigrades to proposing penguins and voting bovines, facts about animals are something people love to share. Be it because of our love for animals, our fascination with the unknown, or because we like to seem smart to our friends, people love to talk about what animals can do. Unfortunately, a lot of our favourite facts out there are completely wrong. So we’ve dug up 11 amazing animal truths and 11 of the most popular animal myths.


1. Gorillas can catch human colds and other illnesses.

2. The female lion does ninety percent of the hunting.

3. The only dog that doesn’t have a pink tongue is the chow.

4. In Alaska it is illegal to whisper in someone’s ear while they’re moose hunting.

5. A tarantula spider can survive for more than two years without food.

6. If you lift a kangaroo’s tail off the ground it can’t hop – they use their tails for balance.

7. If you keep a goldfish in a dark room, it will become pale!

8. The blue whale weighs as much as thirty elephants and is as long as three Greyhound buses.

9. To escape the grip of a crocodile’s jaw, push your thumb into its eyeballs-it will let you go instantly.

10. Even a small amount of alcohol placed on a scorpion will make it go crazy and sting itself to death!

11. The flamingo can only eat when its head is upside down.

How many of the above facts did you know?

Now… on to the myths…


1. Bee flight is not a scientific anomaly but actually well understood

bumble bee

No laws of physics are broken, no magic is used, and no bee straps a little jetpack to its back. Bee flight is well within the realm of physics, and we fully understand it. They’ve even built little bee robots, that copy how they fly.

2. A goldfish’s memory is longer than three seconds


And we’re not talking about five seconds here. It has been found that goldfish can remember things that happened at least five months ago, if not more. Crazy, huh?

3. Camel’s don’t store water in their humps


Really, this one kinda just makes sense. Considering how rigid a camels hump is — we can sit on them — the water would have to be frozen. Instead the hump is full of fat, storing three weeks worth of energy. It’s more their kidney that helps them conserve water.

4. Houseflies live longer than 24 hours


This one actually got me for years. I don’t know where or how this story started, but it definitely seems correct…right? Flies actually live nice, long, fulfilling lives, dying at the ripe old age of 13 to 30 days. That is, unless, you include the time they’re a pupa, then they live to be about 35 to 50 days. Talk about geezers.

5. Ostriches don’t stick their heads in the sand


They just don’t.

6. Bats aren’t blind


Their eyes, however, are shit when compared to other nocturnal animals, resulting in the need for echolocation. Really though, shouldn’t this have been common sense, I mean how else would they know that it’s night time.

7. Bears don’t actually hibernate


We’re kind of cheating here a bit. Bears do sleep for long periods of time in the winter, but it’s not actually true hibernation- instead it’s called “winter sleep”. Why don’t they hibernate: science… or the fact that their metabolic rate and body temperature don’t drop to the same degree as real hibernators… so… science!

8. A worm cut in half will not regenerate into two worms


We spent our whole childhoods thinking we were all powerful, doubling the worms in my backyard. Fortunately though, the part with the head — yes, worms have a head — will usually regenerate, as long as the clitellum is cut off with the head. What’s a clitellum? That weird looking thicker portion of a worm- the more you know.

9. You can’t get warts from frogs and toads


What’s the upside of this? Looking for your prince just become wart risk free!

10. Koala bears aren’t bears

koala bear

They’re marsupials, meaning they have pouches like kangaroos. And frankly, they don’t even look like bears.

11. Wolves don’t howl at the moon


Wolves howl to communicate with each other, and not at the moon. Don’t feel bad though, this myth has been around for hundreds of years. And before you say, “well what if there are wolves on the moon”, episode 3 of the classic late 90s cartoon, Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century, already debunked this, so ha.

Have a wonderful long weekend everyone!

This Summer, Let Sandman Bring You a Dream

Summer Promo FB Cover Photo

Planes, trains, and automobiles. Total relaxation and quality time with family and friends. A vacation in the summer months is one of our most cherished experiences every year. In the same way you benefit from a change of scenery, a new set of clothes and awesome new adventures will completely rejuvenate you.

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