Superfast broadband installed super-quickly at Sandman Hotel

Gateshead-based IT firm Advantex has installed superfast broadband at the 11-storey Sandman Signature Newcastle Hotel in ‘record breaking time.’

Sandman Hotel Group's Mitch Gaglardi (left) and Advantex's Stephen O'Connell (right)

Sandman Hotel Group’s Mitch Gaglardi (left) and Advantex Network Solutions Ltd’s Stephen O’Connell

The contract saw Advantex Network Solutions Ltd completing the work at Sandman’s flagship hotel in the UK- from initial enquiry to final installation – in just 10 days.

The installation of new Internet services throughout the 170-room hotel, which usually takes approximately up to five months to complete, will deliver faster connectivity for guests.

Mitch Gaglardi, managing director of Northland Properties Corporation which operates Sandman Hotels in the UK, said people staying at the hotel will benefit from high quality access to faster services using the latest in secure networks.

“As a quality brand operator, we have to be able to provide our guests with the very best in fast, secure, and reliable Internet and email services.”

The work was carried out with support from Newcastle’s government’s connection voucher scheme, run by Newcastle Council, where up to £3,000 of funding is available to help businesses connect.

Sandman Hotel is the latest success for Advantex, a registered supplier under the connection voucher scheme.

Director Stephen O’Connell, who is looking at supporting possible Internet upgrades at other Sandman Hotel sites in the UK, said: “As supplier of connection vouchers, we are helping companies like Sandman Hotel Group improve their brand offering through the provision of quality advice and services.

“It’s a further example of helping our customers to benefit from the voucher funding – from the initial application to the final installation – with expert advice and competitive solutions.”

This article was originally published in Business Quarter, a leading business to business brand recognized for celebrating entrepreneurship and corporate success. To read more about Business Quarter, visit their website:

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