Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

I love you mom

Memories and Mother

Mary R. Hurley

When Mother came to our room
To tuck us in at night,
Her face would look so gentle
In the soft, bedside light.
And though we may not always
Have behaved our best that day,
She’d let us know she loved us
In a very special way:

An extra fold to the coverlet,
A little pat, a hug,
And we’d settle down to dreamland
Feeling safe and snug.

And of all the childhood memories
That there have ever been,
We love best to recall the times
When Mother tucked us in.

Mother's Day

There are many, many reasons why we all feel the need to say ‘Thank You’ to our moms. So we compiled a list of 30 reasons, from our guests and staff, of why we love our mothers.

  1. She loves me for me.
  2. She always left notes in my lunchbox.
  3. She taught me manners.
  4. She loves to sing as loudly in the car as I do.
  5. She’s still happily married to my dad.
  6. She preferred I play outdoors instead of in front of the tv.
  7. For taking care of me when I was sick.
  8. She apologizes when she is wrong.
  9. She endlessly gives to others without expecting anything in return.
  10. She is gracious.
  11. She has a great sense of humour.
  12. She always sees the bright side of things.
  13. She is generous.
  14. She’s a fighter. Where there is a will there is a way, and she always figures out the way.
  15. She’s a great friend.
  16. She made me work the family business as a teenager.
  17. She’s a foodie.
  18. She tries new things.
  19. She made me write thank you notes as a child.
  20. She encouraged me to go to college.
  21. She took a car full of teenage girls on road trips.
  22. She let me make messes.
  23. She let my outdoor puppy sleep in the bed with me. One time.
  24. She believes it’s never too cold for ice cream
  25. She has amazing eyelashes.
  26. She doesn’t take life for granted.
  27. She is forgiving.
  28. She has the best surprises.
  29. She is humble, but has a strong sense of self.
  30. She loves hearing my big ideas.

On behalf of everyone at Sandman Hotel Group, we wish every mother a Happy Mother’s Day. Thank you for all the hard work you do!

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