The Frequent Sandman Traveller’s Guide to Packing

Whether it’s in the air or on the road, we know that many of our guests travel a lot. Over the years, we’ve gotten to know quite a few of them ourselves and thought we would share some of their sage packing advice. After all, as all seasoned travellers will tell you, though packing may seem like a rudimentary skill, doing it efficiently is really an art form in itself.

Where novice travellers often try to push, pull and shove as many items as they can into one confined space, it takes time, wisdom and patience to recognize the importance of proper planning, compartmentalizing and folding techniques.

The ‘shoving technique’ aside, most pro packers have 3 methods of folding which they swear by and they are:

1)     The rolling technique

2)     The lay flat technique

3)     The bundling technique

Fairly self-explanatory, the rolling technique involves rolling your clothes into the smallest, tightest, jelly-roll like shape possible, then placing each of the ‘rolls’ side by side or one on top of the other much like building a brick house. Quite efficient, this method does save a lot of space, but can often leave your more delicate clothing wrinkled.

The lay flat technique involves laying each article of clothing flat in the centre of the suitcase, then folding the arms to the middle (for shirts) and a neat once-fold for pants and longer garments. Pile the clothes on top of each other until you have a nice flat sandwich of layers and the remaining spaces can be filled with shoes, toiletries, brushes and what have you. Many air travelers swear by this method, but naysayers find the wasted space inefficient.

The bundling technique is perhaps the most complicated yet innovative packing method to date and is much like an onion in theory. What we mean is, each article of clothing is wrapped or bundled around the next in an onion like union with the smaller items at the core, followed by pants and then shirts. A tricky process at first, many people swear by this method calling it the next best thing since portable neck pillows.

Other important tips professionals recommend:

  • Pack your liquids in an airtight zip lock bag to prevent damage to your clothes in case they leak or explode
  • Always bring one sweater/cardigan even to sunny destinations
  • Likewise, always bring one pair of pants even to sunny destinations
  • Spread heavy items like books around the bag to distribute the weight evenly
  • Save on space by buying mini-toiletries
  • Always bring flip flops for achy feet
  • Don’t forget your passport! Everything else can be replaced easily!
  • We know that there are likely hundreds more tips which make the difference between smooth sailing and bumpy travels, so we’re leaving the rest up to you! Send us your best travelling tips and you could win two complimentary meal vouchers for Denny’s!


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