How to Book without a Book – A Guide to Our New & Improved Sandman Mobile App

Efficient. This word describes every successful technological breakthrough over the past decade. From websites to iPhones to apps, everyone wants tools that complete a multitude of tasks with less time, less effort and more ease. A simple set of goals, yes, but to achieve them requires hundreds of man hours and the keen attention to detail – the type of detail that ensures every last button, function or screen tap is the most effective it can be.

With those ideals in mind, our team behind the new and improved Sandman Mobile App set their sights on making our mobile app (version 2) the most efficient it could be. Using feedback from guests, in addition to months of compiled research, we honed in on all of our already successful features and made them even better. More importantly however, we made sure that our app was more accessible. That’s why it is now available for the Android and iPad too. This move guarantees you can book your Sandman stay wherever you want, whenever you want.

What features can you expect to find in our new app? Well for starters, it’s simple, visually stunning and easy to use.  It has the best rates in addition to a booking engine that completes your entire reservation process without the need to make a single phone call.

Want to know more about your Sandman hotel location? Yup, it has extensive HD photo galleries and fact sheets also.

Lost? Need to find the nearest Sandman location? Yup, it’s got a GPS & interactive map as well.

But efficiency isn’t the only attribute we wanted this app to represent. We wanted to ensure it upheld the spirit of Sandman Hotels which is about quality customer care and hospitality. From our beginnings as a roadside motel in BC’s Interior to Canada’s largest independently-owned hospitality company, we’ve made our mark with reliability, service and a humble grassroots know-how that always puts the customer first.

That’s why we made sure that our app rewarded its users, because above all, we want to ensure your loyalty is acknowledged. Those who download the app and register their profile earn 100 bonus StatusPlus points which can be put towards future stays. In addition, the app lets you access our best promotions and deals whenever you log in.

Think of it as exceptional customer service with speed and style. It’s a triple threat that we guarantee you’ll love.

Have you used our mobile app before? Let us know why you love it and we’ll feature your story on facebook and twitter!

The Sandman iPad and iPhone Apps are available for free at the iTunes store, and the brand new Android version and the enhanced BlackBerry version are available for free download on the Android and BlackBerry websites as well.

To Download:

  • Visit Apple iTunes App Store and search Sandman Hotel Group for our FREE iPhone & iPad app
  • Visit BlackBerry App World and search Sandman Hotel Group for our FREE BlackBerry app
  • Visit Android Google Play and search Sandman Hotel Group for our FREE Android app





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