We’re Getting Social with our ‘Share Your Sandman Story Photo Contest’

Some of our favourite pictures from friends and fans over the past few months!

Our first Sandman Hotel in Smithers, BC, 1967

For a company that has been around since 1967, we’ve seen a few changes over the years. From moon landings and cellphones to Internet and social media, things have come a long way from the sixties.

Particularly interesting, is how easily we can connect to our customers these days. Where before a simple rotary phone call was the height of our communication technology, now we can send pictures, texts, music and videos from the palm of our hand – all for the benefit of getting to know each other better.

Of course, facebook and twitter have paved the way, making social media a whole new platform for companies to interact with their customers and guests, and we’ve decided to ensure that we can foster this connection to the full extent.

Our newest hotel, Sandman Signature Hotel & Suites in Langley, BCThat’s why Sandman is proud to launch our ‘Share Your Sandman Photo Contest’. Over the past year or so, we’ve gotten to meet some amazing customers ranging from the impressed newcomer to the sage long-time veteran and everywhere in between. New or old, many have taken the time to send us pictures, emails, kind words and general updates on their Sandman Hotel experiences via twitter, facebook, pinterest and more. We’ve been so impressed with the interaction that we thought, ‘hey, why not reward these people who are taking the time and effort to be our friends!’ Isn’t that what friendship is about anyways?


So it’s pretty simple. We love seeing our hotels through the eyes of our guests, and we know everyone has a story to tell. Whether it’s about something as simple as a great night’s sleep you had at one of our hotels, or an amazing 10-year tale about your travels around the country with Sandman, or even about the people that make this company what it is today… we want to hear about it!

We’ll be giving away tons of prizes ranging from restaurant gift cards to free night stays all the way up to iPads! It’s just another way that we want to thank you for being part of our world.

To enter the contest, simply go to our facebook page, ‘Sandman Hotel Group’, and click on the ‘Share Your Sandman Story Photo Contest’ link : http://ht.ly/cYqwf. There you can submit a picture that represents your Sandman story, along with a few sentences describing it. Or you can enter on Twitter.  All you have to do is send us a picture and a few words describing your Sandman story with the hashtag #Sandmanstory.

And that’s it! We’ll choose weekly winners for prizes and announce iPad winners once a month (one in August, one in September)!

To make sure that everyone is a winner, we’re also sending all contestants a special promo code for a 10% discount off our Best Available Rate for their next stay!

Now that’s what we call winning.

So share your Sandman story with us… because we know you have a great one to tell.

Need more info? Check out our video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=36mG7-yIBWc

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