Summer Road Trips with Sandman

‘Tis the season for getting outdoors and seeing all the best sights and sounds that Canada has to offer – and what represents this national pastime more than a summer road trip?

Good tunes, open windows, a cool breeze and enough time to just amble along the highway until you see something interesting…now that’s summer fun. Conveniently located along major routes throughout Canada, Sandman knows a lot about road travel and we are proud to always provide a cosy place to rest wherever your car may take you.

Where are we located? Check out our Highway Map below:

In honour of everything road trip, we’ve lined up few facts that may help you ensure that your next drive happens without a snag. After all, it’s all fun and games until someone has to hitchhike to the nearest gas station in plus 30 degree Celsius temperatures. Trust us; a little preparation goes a long way.

1)      If you’re travelling from Vancouver to Kelowna, make sure you get gas in Merritt!

Ask anyone who has taken the route from Vancouver to Kelowna before; you need to get gas in Merritt. Why? Though Merritt seems deceptively close to Kelowna, the distance is actually ridiculously far away from Kelowna and guzzles a full tank of gas fairly quickly. Don’t even bother doing it on half a tank because you’ll likely end up hitchhiking. Gas aside, if you fill up you’ll enjoy a very scenic and relaxing drive.

2)      Don’t be a backseat driver

There is a reason why the driver is the driver. They have chosen to take on the responsibility of getting you from point A to point B. If you are worried about the route, driving habits or the way that they drive, then you can kindly offer your services beforehand. There is nothing more stressful than someone telling you what to do while you’re concentrating on the road. Do both of you a favour and just enjoy the ride. It’ll be more fun for everyone.

3)      Bring a fully charged cell phone; but turn it off when you’re out of your service area

No one likes to get dinged by high cellphone provider charges for going out of the service area. But no one likes getting stuck in an emergency without a phone either. You can have the best of both worlds if you simply bring a charged phone that is turned off until you need it. Pay phones are hard to find in the middle of the woods, so why not be extra safe and make sure you have a way to connect just in case!

4)      It’s wild out there; deer and other animals like to come out – especially at night

During the day, everyone likes to catch a great pic of furry friends. But at night, those cute critters can be dangerous. Take deer for instance. For some reason, they like to hang around the ditches along the side of the highway at night, just waiting to prance out at any given moment – especially in Alberta. Aside from scaring the bejeezus out of you, if you actually hit one at a high speed you are throwing yourself into a very sticky situation. Want to avoid the hassle? Drive slow, make sure your night beams are turned on, and get your passengers to keep their doe eyes peeled.

5)      Know your highway etiquette; turn down those high beams

We understand. Driving at night in the middle of a pitch black mountain range is a little nerve racking for even the most experienced driver. You can avoid this problem by taking a night stop somewhere (that’s what Sandman Hotels are for!) or by leaving earlier. However, if you must drive at night, as you know, you’ll likely be using your high beams a lot. Just make sure that if you are using them, turn them down when you see an oncoming car. Not only is it courteous to the oncoming car, but it actually is safer for the both of you. No one wants to blind someone around a windy stretch… well because that’s just mean.

6)      Left lane is for passing; right lane is for ambling

Now this may seem like common sense, but you wouldn’t believe the number of people who don’t seem to follow this rule. If you choose to use the left lane, be aware that it is for people who are on the go. Clogging it up when you are travelling at a slower pace is not only rude, but it’s dangerous because it entices risky passing by other drivers. How do you know if someone wants to pass you? They’ll likely tailgate you, which is also not good, but you can make a quick fix by sticking to the lane which best suits your speed.

7)      Make an awesome playlist; charge your mp3 player, and don’t forget the connector cable!

A good road trip without good tunes is like a cold bath; you’ll get the job done, but it won’t be enjoyable. Remind your entire crew to bring their best lists, plus fully charged music players, and you’ll likely have enough music to keep everyone perky and happy. Don’t forget the connector cable too, because there is nothing worse than knowing that you have amazing music, but nowhere to play it.

8)      Don’t rely on your GPS

As awesome as these little gadgets are, they often can direct you to the wrong area especially if the place that you’re travelling to has been in a period of change or growth. Always bring a map, and ensure that you have the phone number of where you are staying so you can call in case you get lost.

Those are just a few pointers that can make your next road trip safer and more fun. If you’ve got some hot tips of your own, let us know! We always like to hear what are friends have to say.

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  1. Always let at least one person know what you are doing/where you are going…keeping in contact with someone is always good just in case….

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