Lucky 13 on Friday the 13th

Yup there’s a reason why 13 is your lucky number! Sandman has a Lucky 13 Rewards Program which lets you earn a free night’s stay.

It’s pretty simple. After you stay 12 nights (and earn 12 ‘Lucky 13’ stamps), you get your 13th night free. But today it’s even better. For every night that you book, you’ll get double the stamps!

That means:

Book 1 night, get 2 stamps.

Book 2 nights, get 4 stamps.

Book 3 nights, well… you get the idea.

But who wants to read about it. Why not just watch our video with number 13 from the BC Lions, Mike Reilly and he’ll tell you all about it!

Plus, answer this question on our facebook or our blog, and you can win a $50 gift certificate to any of our hotels! (Winner announced at 4:30pm)

Question: Name one reason why 13 is Mike Reilly’s lucky number!


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