Sandman Signature Newcastle Sweeps Top Hotel Award…and for Good Reason!

Venturing to a new country is always risky business for any hotel company. Not only are you branching out from your regular customer base, but you’re engaging with entirely different nation of customs and expectations. Yet, however perilous the journey may be, when executed with patience, precision and attention to detail, the payoff can be tremendous.

A case in point is our very own Sandman Signature Hotel in Newcastle, U.K. It’s almost been a year since our flagship European hotel opened, and the U.K. reception has been tremendous. Not only have we established a reputation as the go-to destination for upscale comfort, and contemporary-cool fun in Newcastle, but we’ve managed to integrate ourselves into the local scene while also maintaining our distinct ‘exotic’ Canadian presence.

Where’s the proof? Verbal accolades aside, we recently also garnered one of England’s most prestigious hospitality awards – the RICS North East Renaissance Award for commercial property of the year. Chosen from panel of independent property experts who have seen all the ins and outs of the hotel industry, we were praised for ‘breathing new life into the last existing brewery building on the site where brewing had occurred for over 125 years.”

What the judges are referring to, of course, is our complete refurbishment of the former Scottish and Newcastle Brewery head office building. A local legend, the Scottish & Newcastle Brewery heralds as one of Newcastle’s most distinct historic sites. Not only did it serve as the stomping grounds for generations of beer makers, factory workers and beer lovers, but it put Newcastle on the map as a go-to city for deep dark ales with a punch.

Very aware of this special history and its connection to the locals, our team made sure we gave S&N the proper tribute. Hence, the RICS judges had this to say of our hotel: “While being stylish and contemporary, some of the historical elements of the original building have been maintained, including the Blue Star on the east elevation that signified excellent quality.”

Proud of our success, Director of the Sandman Hotel Group in the UK, Mitchell Gaglardi, echoed the judges’ sentiments when he remarked: “Even though the Sandman Signature Hotel Newcastle is contemporary and design forward, we were keen from the start to be sympathetic to its structure and respectful of its Scottish and Newcastle heritage. We are delighted and honoured to have won this prestigious award with our first UK site and hope our future Sandman Signature hotels here in the UK will be equally as well received.”

A top-tier award, excellent guests and the 2012 Summer Olympics to come? Not a bad start eh?

To learn more about the Sandman Signature Hotel – Newcastle, U.K., click here:

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