Give Us Your Best Father’s Day Advice!

In anticipation of Father’s Day and the notoriously difficult decision making process that surrounds getting Dad a good gift, we decided to turn to our lovely readers for some good present ideas.

Simply answer one, two, or all three of these questions and you can win a FREE $50 gift certificate to any Sandman Hotel of your choice!

So here it goes:

1) What is the best gift you’ve ever given to your Dad?

2) What is the best gift you’ve ever received as a Dad?

3) What gift should you never get Dad?

Let us know your thoughts and we’ll select one winner at random on Friday at 4PM (Vancouver time).


6 responses

  1. The best thing I ever got for my dad for Fathers Day was I took him with me to Las Vegas 4 days and 3 nights… and we had a blast!!! See I had won the trip… and I for sure knew I wanted to take my dad. I am so glad I did, because looking back we had quite a lot of fun… He was there when I played the slot machines for the first time and won a jackpot of $255.00! We went for a steak dinner after that, and shared tons of laughs and good times!People should enjoy your families while they are still around! Both my parents are still alive, but as you get older you appreciate them more and more!! So I would say this was the best gift I ever got for him, because it allowed us to bond a bit more, and I think it’s important to do things with your parents if you still can!
    Drew Atchison, Vancouver, BC

  2. The best gift I ever gave my Dad was when I was very young I wrote a few letters to him on his customer bill reciepts from a garage business he had then….he must have thought they were great because after he passed, I found them in his safe box ❤

  3. This year my Daughter has given her dad a Really Cool Skeleton Clock with heavy silver pens. With his company logo on it. Daddy has a really bad habit of destorying his plastic pens by chewing them when he thinks.

  4. The best gift is Love and Time, it doesn’t matter what we do together, we just need to be together talking, listening, smiling , laughing and enjoying each others company. When you are too far away for us to be together, the chat on the phone or even knowing that you are thinking of me is a Gift…everyday. When one child is lost, that Gift is gone, but the memories have to be held as a Gift even through the pain. Anything that you think I would like is special to me, especially your Love!

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