Angel Magnussen – An Exceptional Sandman Friend

It’s not often that you find a 16-year old kid who, aside from dealing with the adolescent throws of being a teen, also has to deal with a multitude of life-complicating medical illnesses.

It’s also not often that you find a 16-year old kid who, despite these challenges, focuses all her efforts, not on herself, but on other sick kids who need support – all while maintaining a sunny upbeat attitude that can brighten up even the rainiest Vancouver day.

Yup, she’s definitely not your average teen. Angel Magnassun is a standout friend of our Sandman Hotels – in particular, The Sandman Hotel Vancouver City Centre. For years, she has called this location a home away from home, and she stays here whenever she makes a trip to The BC Children’s Hospital.

Over the years she and her family have become friends with the hotel staff – many of whom have helped Angel try and reach her fundraising goal for other sick kids. Currently with over $100,000 raised, she is well over half way to her goal of raising $150,000 for the Variety’s Kids Program, an effort that has required countless hours of work to get as many people possible involved in her humanitarian effort.

Countless hours is an understatement actually. Angel has been fundraising since she was 5, working her way up from a coin drive at school to the big-league giant community fundraisers that have accumulated thousands of dollars through the kindness of friends, donors and supporters.

Her courage and spirit have encouraged hundreds of people to take part in her cause for kids, even inspiring our very own staff at Sandman Vancouver City Centre to save up their coins and cash in giant jars just for her.

One of the staff members Aaron even donated his rainy day vacation fund to her because, as he put it, “those kids need it more than I do.”

“She and her family are an absolute delight to have around the hotel,” says Michael Lopez, General Manager of Sandman Hotel’s Vancouver City Centre Hotel. “Whenever they come in she’s always talking to everyone and making them laugh. Not to mention, she has really encouraged our staff and hotel to get involved in her charity, which is something we are really proud to be a part of.”

A guest story that goes beyond loyalty, we’re proud to have Angel as part of our Sandman family and can’t wait to see all the incredible accomplishments that await her in the future.

If you are looking to support her cause you can check out her facebook page here:, where you can find out about her successful Heroes with Hearts Fundraiser. A single-night’s accommodation for 2 at Sandman Hotel City Centre plus a $50 Moxie’s gift card were up for grabs at the auction – and we couldn’t be happier for the winners who donated generously.

Go Angel go!

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