Sandman Signature Hotel & Suites Langley: The Perfect Weekend Retreat

Home may be where the heart is, but even the homiest of homebodies needs a weekend getaway occasionally.  Considering most weekends span 48-hours, and considering most leisure trips require:

  • driving time
  •  packing time
  • unpacking time
  •  repacking time
  • ‘where are my keys?’ time
  •  the inevitable ‘I’m missing my (insert obligatory object of constant neglect)’ time

That doesn’t leave that much time for … ‘let’s enjoy the weekend’ time.

So, perhaps a ten-hour road trip isn’t the best choice for your two-day excursion.

Enter Sandman Signature Hotel & Suites Langley. This four-star retreat is just far enough away from the city to offer you a quiet reprieve, but is also close enough to save you hours of gas, cramped leg space and sketchy mountain radio reception.

Located in a city called ‘the best kept secret in the Lower Mainland’, Langley is a unique hub brimming with culture, history and things to do. Whether it’s a wine tour at the famed Domaine de Chaberton Winery, Township 7, or award-winning golf at the Redwoods or Morgan Creek golf courses, you can have your rest and relaxation and barrage of interesting things to do – all while knowing that you’re just an hour away from home (or most major Lower Mainland cities).

On our most recent visit to this stunning property, we were pleasantly surprised by how easily accessible it was. A short and sweet drive from Vancouver, our trip to one of the newest Sandman developments was filled with sun, scenery and amazing hotel footage.

Conveniently located at the 200th Street interchange of the Trans-Canada Highway, this property is just minutes away from major Langley attractions and leisure pursuits, including fantastic boutique shopping (trust us, the staff rave about it!), the Colossus Cineplex/IMAX and lush nature parks.

Yet, as amazing as the surrounding area is, it’s what’s inside the hotel that is most compelling. Even as you stand in the entrance way, the attention to detail is hard to miss. Grand vases with smart angles, simple clean lines, ornate yet sleek velvet cushions, and an open-concept look give the lobby a contemporary and warm feel that really balances that fine line between opulence and cosy comfort.

In homage to our excursion, we’ve compiled a list of must see features at this local gem.

The Lobby

Where traditional hotel lobbies can feel like waiting rooms, the Signature Langley lobby has a social feel, inviting you to relax, unwind, and take in a paper or two while you admire accents like their custom fireplace with crystal bedding. Spend a few minutes walking around and you’ll also notice delicate and modern lighting fixtures – each with their own special charm that completes the overall ambiance. Great furniture choices add to the comfortable and casual feel, while also maintaining that hint of elegance that makes the level of finesse just a little more spectacular. Always customary, is the bowl of green apples at the front desk, a nice touch for anyone looking for a quick bite on their way in or out. We were particularly intrigued with the complimentary coffee machine which had an impressive array or gourmet choices including cappuccinos, mochas, macchiato and more. Top that off with the selectively placed seating and art work around different hallways, and you’ve got a top tier lounging experience.

The Team

In keeping with the warm elements of the lobby was our gracious host, Sylvia Jung, General Manager of the property. A seasoned member of the hotel industry she gave us a thorough introduction to everything that this Signature really represents. Among the most important elements she expressed were: elegant, relaxed comfort – which is, of course, the Sandman Signature tagline.  “We’re really proud of the product we have here,” says Sylvia “it’s just of such a high quality and standard.” When asked about her staff, her sentiments were the same: “Our staff works extremely hard to ensure that each guest has an experience that is special to them. Whether it’s a weekend away or a business trip, we go the extra mile to ensure that they have everything they need to feel relaxed and happy. We’re really proud to provide stays that make memories.”

The Rooms

Largely focused on ensuring that guests can experience everything from couples romance packages, family getaways to excellent corporate retreats, this hotel boasts a wide range of rooms and amenities that provide everything from peace and quiet to loads of fun (and everything else in between). We toured around and were particularly in awe of the spacious Loft Suites, the entreating Jacuzzi Suites and the Family-Friendly suites.

The Loft Suites housed an incredible amount of space and had a New York style feel, with a little West Coast edge.

The Jacuzzi Suites featured the ideal set up for couples, maintaining an open concept where the Jacuzzi and TV could be used at the same time.

The Family Suites had cute and cozy bunk beds in a separate cloister – ideal for little munchkins who whisper away into the night.

In addition, each of the pillow top beds had a mixture of soft and satiny fabrics – not only to make them exceptionally comfortable, but to also appeal to the eyes and senses while providing that good night’s sleep that we’re so proud of.

The business facilities were also flush with exceptional accents as well. Whether it was the 1500 square-foot, open-space banquet room with seating for up to 100, or the fast and efficient business centre with high-speed Internet, printers, fax machines and more – everything was in place for work to get done in style.

The Food

With a sleek and stylish Moxie’s Grill & Bar attached just at the north end of the lobby, guests can walk into a buzzing establishment with a cozy-cool lounge, bold and lively bar and gorgeous roof-top patio. A local favourite for lunch, dinner and brunch, there is always an eclectic mix of diners, making it a sure-fire pick for a good time. Wine lovers can also rejoice in their extensive list of ‘40 wines under 40 dollars.’

With everything you need, including a fabulous pool and fitness centre, we think now is the perfect time for you to lose yourself in Langley luxury.

For more information about Sandman Signature Hotel & Suites Langley, go to:

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If you’re looking to win a free $50 gift certificate to Sandman Hotels, simply post a comment on our blog or facebook telling us which item is customarily displayed on our Sandman Signature front desks! We’ll announce a winner on Tuesday, May 22, 2012.  Happy May Long!

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