Sandman’s Top Spring Break Getaways

Everyone always has a favourite holiday of the year, whether it be Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day or Festivus (no joke; people actually celebrate a holiday made-up by Seinfeld writers). While most statutory holidays tend to focus on tradition or religion, Spring Break is one that everyone looks forward to purely because it celebrates … well, taking a holiday.

What’s the Story with Spring Break?

Occurring when most students have their “study week”, “reading week”, “March break” or “Easter holidays” (the UK version), it’s pretty safe to say that Spring Break’s origins are largely based around studying and education. And while we love studying as much as the next person, we think that these days, the traditions are more focused on the “break” part – ranking as one of the highest times of the year for travel, tourism and vacation time. For families, it’s a much needed stretch for a trip away from home, and for the youngin’s it’s that time of the year to party like a rockstar.

No matter if you’re planning to do a little rest and relaxation, or a full-fledged event extravaganza this year, Sandman’s got a list of our top Spring Break destinations all ripe for the picking. Why, you ask? Well considering that we live in the second largest country in the world and our nation was built upon a foundation of woodsy adventure-seekers, we wanted to pay homage to our roots and encourage the everyman and woman to go beyond their backyard and see all the amazingness that our diverse landscape has to offer.

And with that, here is our coast to coast list of the best of the “break”:

Mountain Living in BC

A province notorious for  great skiing, BC is home to some of the most amazing mountain terrain in the world. With a diverse range of areas for that laid-back spring ski trip, including our own amazing Revelstoke Mountain Resort, the West Coast is a great place to play. Not sure if snow sports are your forte? Don’t worry there are a bevy of hot activities happening in each area with everything from St.Patty’s Day parties to Fashion Events. Check out the upcoming spring scene:


 • Rio Tinto Alcan Nancy Greene Husky Snow Star Festival (March 23 – 24)


• St. Patrick’s Day at O’Flannigan’s Pub (March 17)

• Shamrock Festival at the 97 Street Pub (March 17)

• Saint Patrick’s Day Bash at Bar One Kelowna (March 17)


 • S- Games Freestyle Snowboard Competition (March 24)


 • Vancouver Fashion Week at the Chinese Cultural Centre (March 21)

 • Electro Vaudeville Festival at Granville Island (March 23)

 • St. Patricks Day 2012 at Ceilis Irish Pub Vancouver (March 17)

 • CelticFest Vancouver 2012 (March 10 – March 18)

 • Spring Break at PlayDome (BC Place) (March 16- March 20)

• Spring Break at the Vancouver Art Gallery (March 12 – March 25)

Sandman Hotels in BC:

Endless Entertainment in Alberta

With Calgary world-renowned for its summer stampede, Edmonton known as the ‘city of festivals’, and Lethbridge picking up pace with so many sporting events, winter welcomes a wide range of entertainment and activities for the March break, in ‘Wild Rose Country’. Whether you’re into horse shows, curling or concerts, you can find it all around Alberta. Take a look at the long list of events:

Red Deer:

• Red Deer Sportsman and Outdoor Adventure Show (March 9 – 11)

 Spruce Meadows:

 • Winter Farewell at Spruce Meadows (March 8 – 11)

 • Spring Welcome at Spruce Meadows (March 15 – 18)


• Elizabeth’s Antique & Collectible Sale (March 16 – 17)

 • Lady Antebellum Rexall Place, Edmonton (March 17)

• NWT Sportsmen & Travel Spectacular (March 16)



• Blue Man Group (March 19)


 • Ford World Women’s Curling Championship (March 17 – 25)

Sandman Hotels in Alberta:

 Winter in  Saskatoon, Winnipeg & Regina

With our mid-country provinces experiencing the true Canadian winter, it’s fitting that they celebrate it with pride. With everything from folk festivals to yes, winter festivals, there is always something to keep you warm with activity in these cities. Wind up or wind down with the following events:


• Spring Home Show (March 29 – April 1)


 • Spring Home Show (March 29 – April 1)


• Winnipeg Folk Festival and CBC (March 23)

 • Royal Manitoba Winter Fair (March 26 – 31)

 • Artic Glacier Winter Park (December 1 – March 31)

Sandman Hotels in Saskatchewan:

Sandman Hotels in Manitoba:

 Turning up the Noise in Toronto

With a huge music and arts scene in Toronto, it’s no wonder that March heralds a huge lineup of jazz, film and music festivals. Always encouraging a city-wide buzz, many of the events are free and can be found all around the city during this busy time of year. Plus, don’t forget those epic Toronto Maple Leafs Games that always make the masses lively. See what’s happening in the heart of the East Coast:


 • World Music Festival (March 16)

 • FREE Toronto Film Festival Event (Saturday March 26)

• Canada Blooms (March 16)

 • Jazz Festival: Jazz Choirs and Vocal & Insrument Ensembles (March 20)

• Edge 102.1 Dave Bookman’s Nu Music Nite (March 20)

• FREE Toronto Film Festival Event (March 30th)

 Sandman Hotels in Ontario:

Moving and Shaking in Montreal

 Ahhh Montreal, the city of romance. Wait, it’s a city of everything. Busy year round with tons of festivals, arts events and sporting entertainment, you’ll never find a dull moment in this city where old world meets hip charm.


 • Michael Jackson: The immortal World Tour (March 20 – 22)

 • Under the Snow Music Festival/Festival Sous La Neige (March 14 – 18)

 • (FIFA)International Festival of Films on Art (March 15 – 25)

Sandman Hotels in Quebec:

And with that, we have only one question for you: what are you waiting for? After all, staycations are so passé, and road trips… well they’re the Canadian way eh!

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