Sandman Thinks Pink and Visits Victoria

Another February has leapt away from us, and as always, Sandman finished the month off with a bang… or with a flash of pink.

The staff at Sandman Vancouver City Centre were proud in pink

That’s right, Pink Shirt Day – Canada’s annual anti-bullying effort – landed on February 29 this year, and our staff made sure we wore every shade of pink to show our unwavering support.

This heart-warming tradition has an unbelievable history of compassion, tolerance and kindness attached to it – and if you didn’t know – its foundations are uniquely Canadian.

The story goes:

  • In 2007, a bullying incident occurred in Central Kings Rural High School in Cambridge, Nova Scotia, where an unnamed boy was harassed verbally and threatened physically by classmates for wearing a pink polo shirt to school.
  • After hearing about the bullying incident, two Grade 12 students, David Shepherd and Travis Price, decided to take action and stand up for the boy. They bought 50 pink shirts to hand out at school the next day and emailed their classmates to ensure everyone got on board with the anti-bullying display of solidarity.
  • The next day, they were astonished and amazed by the support they received. Hundreds of students showed up to the school wearing pink, and even more donned the shirts that Travis and David were handing out.

    The Sandman staff at head office showed their support

  • Later, the bullied student walked into the school and found support in numbers that he never knew. Better yet, after the “Sea of Pink” campaign, the bullying stopped.
  • The news has since spread like wildfire, rousing students, teachers and activists from around the world (as well as celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres) to celebrate “Pink Shirt Day” every year.

An uplifting story for a good cause, everyone here at Sandman couldn’t be more proud to show their support in the fight to end bullying.

Moseying on from February festivities to March movement, Sandman is excited to begin the month with an in-depth look at one of our favourite cities: Victoria.

Widely known as the “City of Gardens,” Victoria is stunning destination filled with history, culture and endless recreational activities to do. As one of the oldest cities in the Pacific Northwest, you can find everything from cute cobblestone streets to gorgeous parliament buildings – all retaining that charming turn-of-the-century style.

Victoria is also surrounded by a beautiful coastal shoreline teaming with cruises, boat tours, whale watching, a fisherman’s wharf and so much more. If you want to experience all the amazing culture, entertainment and arts happening in the official capital of BC, then there is no better time than now.

From now until From March 1-4, it’s Victoria’s annual “Be a Tourist in Your Own Home Town” event and this celebration lets you experience all of the city’s most popular attractions like The Butchart Gardens, Victoria Harbour Ferries, Pacific Undersea Gardens, Ocean River Adventures and more – for one low ticket price of $10. To make the festivities even better, during the celebration Sandman Victoria is also offering our BC Residents an extra 20% off our Best Available Rate. Click here: to see more.

The staff at Sandman Victoria are excited for the annual event because it brings people from all around the world to the best of the city. “With everything from river rafting to historic museum tours, Victoria has so much to do, and much of the time people don’t get a chance to experience all of it,” says Brian Johnson, General Manager of Sandman Victoria. “This is one of Canada’s most exciting places to be right now and we’re proud to help show it off.” And with that, we think we’ve got March off to one heck of a start.

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