An Olympic Journey… From BC Place to St. James’ Park

St James' Park, Newcastle

St James’ Park (Newly titled the Sports Direct Arena), Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK.

Though we on the west coast of Canada are separated by some 7000km from London, UK, we’d be surprised if you hadn’t had some sort of exposure to the buzz surrounding the Olympic Games. With less than 200 days to go, Canada’s sports teams and individuals are gearing up left right and centre to compete at the 2012 Olympics – including our women’s soccer team.

Next week marks the beginning of the ‘2012 CONCACAF Women’s Olympic Qualifying Tournament’ at BC Place in Vancouver.  During the tournament, national soccer teams from Canada, the USA, Mexico, Cuba, Costa Rica, Haiti, Guatemala and the Dominican Republic will battle it out for the precious two berths available at the 2012 London Olympic Games this summer.

Once they’ve made it to the Olympics, it’s very likely that the successful teams will play at least one soccer game at St James’ Park – Newcastle United Football Club’s home ground – which as it happens – is conveniently located just opposite our new UK hotel in Newcastle-upon-Tyne! St James’ Park was selected by the Games’ organizers, along with nine other out-of-London UK venues to host important events during the Olympic Games.

The stadium is the oldest in the North East of England and the sixth largest stadium in the UK. During the Olympics, it will host a total of nine soccer matches, including a quarter final in both the men’s and women’s competitions.

If (/when!) Canada make the cut, they will join a growing fleet of Canadian representatives including the Canadian women’s gymnastics team, who successfully qualified for their place in the Olympic Games on Wednesday this week.We can’t wait to track Canada’s journey from BC Place to St James’ Park and are excited to have front row seats to the action from the comfort of our Sandman Hotel in Vancouver City Centre and our Sandman Signature Hotel in Newcastle!

And speaking of the Olympic Games, did you know that the first ever Youth Winter Olympic Games started today in Innsbruck, Austria. Canada is among the bigger contenders with over 50 athletes competing for gold in more than 13 sports. Keep up to speed with our talented teams’ progress here:

Go team Canada!

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