Being green on the go

Sure, our planet may have been around for 4.6 billion years and counting, but that’s not to say that we should take it for granted. Whether you’re an avid environmentalist or a bit of a sceptic when it comes to your views on being green, I think we’re all unified in thinking that this planet deserves respect.

In the scheme of things, you may well doubt the strength of your, individual impact on 1.08 trillion cubic kilometres of rock and metal otherwise known as planet Earth.  But the point is, when it comes to being green, doing a little something every day is better than doing nothing at all, and when lots of people ‘do a little something’ every day, it can add up to have a pretty decent impact.

We learnt an interesting recycling fact today and we want to share it with you… did you know that by recycling just one aluminum can, you are effectively saving enough energy to use your laptop or watch TV for a couple of hours? So next time you go to throw your Coke can in the trash because it’s too far to walk to the recycling box, perhaps think again?

There are many little opportunities in our daily lives where we can choose to abide by the eco-savvy ‘3Rs’ mantra – the 3Rs stand for Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Simply turning lights off when we leave a room; not keeping the tap running when we brush our teeth; turning the TV off after watching it; thinking twice before using your car for a short journey; being aware of what waste materials are recyclable; and what procedures are in place for recycling in your local area. These are just a few of the very small changes you can make.

And why stop at home? Remember to pack your green habits in your suitcase, right next to your toothbrush and your passport when you travel! Whether it’s for work or pleasure, there are plenty of ways to ease your eco conscience when on the move.

Remember to turn things off at home before leaving on your travels – heating, electrical items; travel light; fly non-stop if you can; eat local and seasonal food; use public transport or walk where you can – you’ll see more than if you were driving anyway; buy locally made souvenirs – not ones made on the other side of the world; when you leave your hotel room, remember to turn off lights, TV etc as you would at home; and participate in hotel linen programs.

And how’s this for an idea, why not stay local? We’re always too quick to jet off overseas for our vacation time, when actually there are some pretty amazing places to explore just beyond our back yard – and you don’t need a plane ticket to get there.

So there you have it, just a few tips for being green on the go! Feel free to comment below this blog post if you have any other top tips you’d like to share.

We know the onus to be environmentally friendly shouldn’t just land on the individual. Some (ok, probably most) of the worst offenders are big businesses. Which is why, for the Sandman Hotel Group, having a low environmental impact has always been one of our core goals. We are a proud participant in the Hotel Association of Canada’s Green Key Eco-Rating Program. To read more about our commitment to the environment, read ‘Our Promise’ here:

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