No sooner have we packed up the pumpkins, witches, cobwebs and other remnants of Halloween, than it’s time to start thinking about Christmas! The next big holiday season that has shops, offices, streets and homes excitedly dressed up like… well, like Christmas trees.

Though some of you may well curse the premature arrival of this fair holiday and all of the annoying TV advertising that goes with it, time does have a tendency to fly, and before you know it you’ll be doing the dreaded last minute Christmas Eve shopping that you hoped to avoid by ‘being organized this year’!

There are exactly 50 days, 15 hours and 25 minutes (thanks left until the big day itself, are you feeling ready?

No? Well, start planning now and you have plenty of time to salvage something that at least resembles an organized holiday!

We’ve put together some ideas to help kick-start your festive preparations!

Online shopping! You need never step in inside a real shop again! Whilst some prefer the traditional approach, for others, online is the ONLY way to shop, especially during the hectic Christmas period. You’ll avoid the crowds and most likely save a bit of money too. Plus, if you start now, you’ll be sure to get everything delivered in plenty of time for Christmas!

Got a large family? Why not suggest a ‘draw’, whereby you put everyone’s name in a hat and each pick just one person to buy for. Rather than having to buy a truck load of small, unsuitable presents – you can focus your energies on buying just one, perfect gift.

Don’t forget, if you have family visiting, or are going to stay with far flung relatives for the festive season, then Sandman is gearing up to offer some great Christmas packages. Keep an eye on our specials page:

Want to send Christmas cards? Don’t put it off, start writing them now! Just a few a day, and before you know it, you’ll be finished! Alternatively, if you’re really short on time, why not consider sending a festive update email. If you’re thinking that might be a bit too impersonal, remember we all struggle to stay in touch with friends and family living far and wide, and the reality is they will be thrilled to hear from you, whatever the message medium!

Don’t want to spend a fortune? Or simply overwhelmed by the obligation to spend an increasing amount of money on Christmas every year? Remember the number one rule when it comes to gifts, ‘it’s the thought that counts’! Why not make something – arts, crafts or baked goods? Alternatively, memories, quotes and mementos that remind you of a friend or family member presented in a creative way could be a great gift for the more sentimental among us. Not enough time – or perhaps a bit too gushy for your liking? You could give the gift of time and create vouchers for your friends and family – committing time to cook them a nice meal for example. And finally, rather than spending money on gifts and cards, you could always make a donation to a favourite charity in your friend or family member’s name.

Anyway, we won’t keep you any longer. There are now only 50 days, 15 hours and 19  minutes left! (Even less by the time you’re reading this!) Time’s ticking! We hope you enjoy the run up to Christmas!

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