Sandman Signature Hotel Newcastle, UK – Now Open!

The time has finally come, and we are incredibly excited to announce that the Sandman Signature Newcastle, UK is now open for business! We’re the new kid on the block, located across the street from St. James’ Park Stadium, home of the NUFC – Newcastle United Football Club, and adjacent to St. James Metro Station. If you’re a local, we’re in the former Scottish & Newcastle Brewery regional offices – completely refurbished of course – hence the blue star at the top!

It’s a funny thing, refurbishing and renovating an historic site into something new. It truly does mark the passing of time. It’s one of those things – it brings excitement yet also resigned acceptance that something important is now over. Kind of like your highschool graduation: you are excited to grow up, move out on your own, gain independence and spread your proverbial wings, while your parents are smiling through tears. Happy tears (some happier than others!), but tears just the same. In their minds, 18 years suddenly feels like it’s flown by; you’re no longer theirs, you have passed that milestone in life, and everything’s about to change.

A particularly compelling example of this comes from Ian Stewart, a fan of our Facebook Page. He posted on our wall, the following message: “Started work at age 16, 1970 in the former S&N Breweries office block, now one of your hotels. Cannot wait to spend a night there – floor six has fond memories”. Who knows what the memories are about, but I’m sure there are a number of people living in and around Newcastle upon Tyne just like Mr. Stewart, who have memories and connections to the building. From a construction standpoint, the frame was rock solid so it made sense to keep the building, and renew from the inside out. For the community, it was a nod to the history and legacy of one the largest breweries in the country. Afterall, in many ways Scottish & Newcastle Breweries put Newcastle on the map internationally; not to mention the jobs that existed, which supported entire families in the region.

Change is good, no doubt about it. And gentrification is also good – it helps revitalize neighbourhoods and their local economies. Doing it well? That was our challenge to achieve.

We’re now 175 rooms, over 11 storeys. You will be welcomed into a gorgeous lobby and stunning interiors. We’ve got a brand new gastro pub, called Shark Club, located on-site for your convenience. Come by and check us out – we’d be happy to show you around!  

No time to visit us in person?  No problem!  Visit our Facebook page!  Simply search Sandman Hotel Group and you will have access to read all about our property, and view the latest photos.  Make sure you click on the ‘ like ‘ button to automatically be entered to WIN gift certificates and other prizes!

To book online, visit our Newcastle, UK website:

To contact the hotel directly, please telephone:  0191 229 2600 or 011 44 191 229 2600,  email:

For more information about Shark Club Gastro Bar, visit website:

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