Sandman Mobile App – Ready for Download!

First, we were an Inn off the side of a highway, beckoning guests to come in stay, based on our reputation for great service and competitive rates. Soon after, it was our roadside advertising that brought people through the doors of the growing chain of Sandman Hotels. Billboards peppered along numerous highways throughout the province guided travellers to the closest Sandman location. Then the internet came along, which certainly helped get the word out! We have audiences and accessibility like never before – folks can look up locations, view photo galleries, book their reservations, or simply see what we’re all about. That is the evolution of marketing folks: word of mouth gave way to print and billboard advertising, which then gave way to social media and today’s prevalence of digital marketing, which seems to be feasting on the smartphone market especially!


With that being said, we’re incredibly excited to announce that we’ve evolved too – the Sandman Mobile App is now available free for download to all of you iPhone users! For the first time in company history, you can let your smartphone do all the thinking when it comes to booking your next stay with us! It’s like having a travel agent right in the palm of your hand – all you need to say is when and where and the app will do the heavy lifting!


An American survey of 1,000 respondents showed that 38% had used their smartphone to book and plan their trip, while 60% had at least downloaded travel apps to their devices. Numbers like this prove that the need is there, the reliance is there, and we knew that one day, we would want to be there.  So we thought, why not now?


You get full access to our entire collection, including Sandman Hotels, Inns & Suites, and Sandman Signature Hotels & Resorts, photo galleries, room type details, information about the surrounding areas, and more! It’s incredible easy to navigate, and best of all, guests will receive 100 StatusPlus Rewards Points when they register! That’s right: we’ve developed a points-based rewards program to complement our app. It’s exclusive to bookings made through the app, and gets redeemed for future night stays. Other features include guaranteed best rates (yes, guaranteed!), priority bookings, ability to schedule wake up calls, ability to request an early check-in/check-out, and the convenience of selecting your room, right from your phone.


Don’t have an iPhone? No problem! The Blackberry and Android versions are currently being developed – keep checking back on our Facebook and Twitter for when they’re due! For the rest of you, hurry to the iTunes store – the bonus 100 StatusPlus Rewards Points you receive when you register may only be available for a limited time!

3 responses

  1. SO! We stay at the Sandman a lot and where is the Android app? Not everyone uses an iPhone! There are a lot of Android users out there.

    • Hi Marilyn, great question! We are currently working on the Sandman mobile app for Android, and will have further progress after we launch our BlackBerry app later this month. Ultimately, our goal is to allow valued guests, such as yourself, the option to book hotel stays via their mobile phone, should it be iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows phone or other. Please stay tuned for future updates!

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