Fuel and the Summer Roadtrip

A quick glance at the weather map and the average temperature is 21.4C!! That’s plenty warm for Canada! Given our summers tend to be short and sweet, it’s time to make the most of it!

So what are your plans this summer? According to the Conference Board of Canada, they’re pretty similar to last year. Moderate growth is expected in domestic travel – ‘moderate’ due to the cost of fuel. What are some ways to save on fuel costs? According to countless RV and travel blogs, the prevailing mantra, among other tips, is slow and steady; the faster you drive, the faster you burn!

Other tips include:

  • Use your cruise control button! When driving long stretches of open road, it’ll help maintain your speed and eliminate your chances of accidental speeding (and getting pulled over and ticketed). Just be sure not to use it on hills.
  • Regularly check the air pressure in all tires, when the tires are cool (air pressure increases while you are driving). Proper inflation reduces the incidence of tire failure and improves fuel consumption.
  • Say no to air conditioning. Sounds torturous, but if your focus is economical fuel consumption, this sacrifice is well worth it!
  • Brake smoothly, avoiding fast stops; rapid braking wastes fuel and cut down your mileage.
  • RV-ing? Control your weight. Many motorhomes have total holding tank capacities of 378.5L (100 gallons) or more, which means they can contain just over 400kgs (900lbs) of wastewater when full. Your fresh water tank may have a capacity as much as 227L (60 gallons) of water; at 1kg/L, that’s about 227kgs (500lbs) when full! The carrying capacity of the three holding tanks, can total 635kgs (1400lbs) or more.

Another great tip, is to stay at a Sandman! We’ve got over 40 properties across Canada, waiting to welcome all summer road warriors! Call our Central Reservations department, at 1+800+SANDMAN, and ask for our Gas ‘n Go Rates, available at participating properties (call Central Reservations to find out which ones). You’ll receive a $10 Gas Card with each booking!

See you on the road!

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