Paris Jackson is Our Man!

Suffering from lightheadedness after taking in a full breath of air? Having difficulty digesting healthy foods? Find you’re sleeping between six and eight hours per night, uninterrupted by those pesky (and sadly foretelling) nightmares of the Vancouver Canucks losing the Stanley Cup? Good news: sounds like your Canuck fever has broken.

Be glad it has, because we are nearly one week deep into PRE-SEASON action with the CFL, and you need your energy! From ‘Rider Pride to the Stamps; the Tycats to the Alouettes, this season is going to take folks to the edge and back. And by the ‘edge’, it is meant both figuratively, and literally. Like all pros, every single team is going to give it everything they’ve got to get into the final, and they’re going to take you on the emotional roller coaster with them. Where’s that final going to be held? In the south-western corner of the country, in beautiful Vancouver! Who’s going to be there? Quite likely, you! If you’re a Lions fan, there’s a great chance we’ll be with you every step of the way!

This year, we’re once again proud sponsors of the Calgary Stampeders and the B.C. Lions! For all of you Lions fans, this means we get all sorts of opportunities to hang out with the players and catch games – we want YOU to join us! Earlier this year, a group of corporate sponsors got together, lined up all the players, and put them through what they thought was behind them for this year: draft picks. Only this time, the draft wasn’t for the CFL, it was to become an exclusive corporate team player! The ‘Draft a Lion’ program, now in its fifth season, is an opportunity for local area businesses to draft their very own Lion, and incorporate him into their community marketing initiatives. Our pick? North Vancouver’s very own Paris Jackson!! He started with the Leos back in 2003, right out of the University of Utah. Since Jason Clermont left the team to play for his hometown Saskatchewan Roughriders, Mr. Jackson’s been playing slotback since 2009! As part of our corporate involvement, we’ve got tickets and t-shirts to give away, as well as the chance to actually MEET Mr. Jackson in person! Follow us on Twitter (@sandmanhotels), and ‘like’ us on Facebook to keep tabs on how you can get in on all of this action!


NEXT HOME GAME: July 8 Lions vs. the Stamps @ Empire Field!

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