Sandman Hotel Group + Major Sports = The Perfect Match!

Trivia: name 2 major cities in the world where you can find a Shark Club Sports Bar & Grill within a Sandman Hotel, located steps from the city’s stadium/arena , where the country’s most popular sporting event is played?

Answer: Vancouver, and………. Newcastle!

Okay, so that was a bit of a trick question, because Newcastle isn’t open yet. But, for those of you who’ve been reading up on our blogs, or seen the latest edition of the Sandman Star (found in all of our hotel rooms), that was a no-brainer! The Sandman Hotel Vancouver City Centre is located kitty corner to Rogers Arena, home to the National Hockey League (NHL)’s Western Conference Champions, the dearly beloved Vancouver Canucks. The Shark Club Vancouver is on the lobby level of our hotel – perfect for getting the vibe of the game, even if you can’t make it to the game. Had enough celebrating, and want to head to your hotel room? You don’t even have to go outside to get there. Perfect!

Head over to Newcastle, and instead of Rogers Arena, you’ll find St. James Park across the street from the Sandman Signature Newcastle. Instead of NHL hockey, you’re going to find Premier League Football action, as this stadium is home to Newcastle United FC, one of England’s most revered football clubs. Couldn’t score tickets to the match? Same convenience applies: Shark Club Newcastle is located at the lobby level of the hotel. Your room… just upstairs! Coincidence? Sort of…

If we build it, they will come.

In Vancouver, the Sandman Hotel opened long before the arena was built. Back in those days, the Vancouver Canucks were playing at the Pacific Coliseum. Sandman opened their doors at 180 West Georgia  in 1976, and literally watched the city grow up around them. From Expo ’86 to the opening of the very first Starbucks Coffee (of which there are now over one hundred!), the Sandman Hotel Vancouver City Centre was at the centre of developments that transformed this city into what it is today. One of the major developments that changed the sports scene in Vancouver, was the construction of Rogers Arena – formerly known as GM Place. Located a block and a half from our newly-renovated Vancouver property, the new facility was built to be the home turf for the Vancouver Grizzlies (NBA), and became the new home of the Vancouver Canucks. These days, between NHL games and music concerts, the Sandman Hotel, Moxies Classic Grill, and Mbar all enjoy the excitement and vigour of major events – and all they have to do is open their doors.


On the other side of the world, the opposite appears to have happened: the Sandman Signature Newcastle has laid down its roots directly across the street from St. James Park, the oldest and largest stadium in north eastern England. It is home to Newcastle United, but has been around since before they were ‘united’. Back in 1882, the Newcastle East End and the Newcastle West End Football Clubs were formed, going on to become fierce rivals in the Northern League. By 1892, Newcastle West End was suffering from financial troubles, and approached Newcastle East End in hopes that they could take over. By December of that year, Newcastle United Football Club was formed, and the rest, as they say, is history. Now, with the city of Newcastle in the midst of the most ambitious revitalization project in decades, the Sandman Signature Hotel, along with the Shark Club Sports Bar & Grill, are welcome additions to the area, supporting the football culture, as well as the growing business community of Downing Plaza. 

And there you have it: two hotels, on different continents, both with Shark Clubs, located directly across the street from the largest major sporting venues in their respective cities. Total coincidence? Not likely.

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