Curb Appeal Counts!

Curb appeal. Talk to any real estate agent, and it most definitely counts. It’s responsible for creating the first and last impression – it transforms the ordinary and average to extraordinary and unique. From a hotelier’s perspective, it’s just as important – how your property appears from the outside is an indication of what your guests can expect on the inside.


Sandman Hotel Group cares about curb appeal. So much so, we’ve created an award for it. Last September, Mr. Taj Kassam, President and COO of the Sandman Hotel Group, awarded the Sandman Hotel Saskatoon winner of our 2010 Landscaping Contest.


Beverly Genge, General Manager of the Sandman Hotel Saskatoon


Coined around 2006, during the housing boom of the U.S., the term ‘curb appeal’ came to refer to just that: how appealing one’s home is from the curb. To see broken fences, or overgrown shrubs and lawns creates doubt that inside will be much better. As a leading hotel chain, this is an aspect of our image that we take very seriously. So much so, we have won numerous national industry housekeeping awards! So why spend so much time and effort ensuring our rooms and suites are to the highest standards of cleanliness, when people aren’t even looking past the exteriors? At Sandman Hotel Group, each and every member takes pride in the work they do, and their dedication to cleanliness reaches far beyond the exit doors. By devoting resources and attention to landscaping and exteriors, guests are given a sneak peak of what to expect on the inside – attention to detail and superior customer service. Last year, no one did that more than Beverly Genge, the General Manager of the Sandman Hotel Saskatoon.


Yes, you read that correctly – it says Saskatoon – the place where it actually gets COLDER than the North Pole. The place where gasoline freezes, fashionistas fight the threat of hypothermia, and like many northern and/or prairie cities, it is one that is home to the block heater. But this is only in winter. Once the ground thaws, Look out! Saskatonians roll up their sleeves, and begin the soon-to-be-aesthetically-pleasing process of gardening. Known for being one of the sunniest places in the country, Saskatoon is a must-see city, especially when all the flowers are in bloom! And when you go, be sure to check-in at the Sandman Hotel, and tell Ms. Genge to keep up the good work!

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