Summer Stay Turns Into an iPad Win!

This past summer, Sandman Hotel Group organized one of the most successful summer campaigns in history, with one of the most exciting giveaways to date! Winning was easy – guests simply stayed with us during the summer months, and their names were automatically entered to win. One of our lucky winners was Tera McCloy-Beach, of Regina, Saskatchewan.

McCloy-Beach came to northern Alberta on a business trip, and stayed at our Grande Prairie location back in July. As Credit Manager with Richardson Pioneer, one of Canada’s leading agricultural management companies, McCloy-Beach often travels to meet with clients – this trip was no different. Infact, she had been to Grande Prairie before! She flew in, picked up the rental car, checked-in at the hotel, she then was off to meet clients. The very next day, she was checking-out, returning the rental car, and flying out – not even thinking that perhaps she could’ve won something, while working!


She was quite surprised to then learn that she had infact won an iPad, one of the prizes given out mid-way through the promotion. Shortly after being notified, she was able to collect it from the Sandman Hotel, Suites, and Spa in Regina. Following up with her a couple of months later, when asked how she likes using it, she said she doesn’t really! “My husband and kids have taken it over! It’s loaded up with all of their games, and my husband’s sports apps. My family is definitely enjoying it. I often wonder how they managed without it!” Sounds as though the iPad has gone to a good home!

Tera McCloy-Beach (L), with Jannis Zimmer, General Manager of the Sandman Hotel, Suites, and Spa Regina.

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