New Hotel, New Blog!

This past month marked the opening of our newest hotel in the Sandman Signature collection. elegant. relaxed. comfort. has now arrived in Prince George, British Columbia!

And, with a new hotel must come a new blog, right? Well, not necessarily. We just thought it’d be a great time to re-introduce the Sandman Hotel Group blog. So stay posted to learn more about what’s new with the brand, and to get a feel for what we’re all about.

But enough about the blog – back to the new hotel!

Long known as the ‘gateway to the North’, Prince George has quickly become a major destination for resource-based business travel, in addition to being the main stopover city for those long-haul trips through the North. So, with this incredible growth in mind, we all got together here and thought, why not build a new hotel?

We can discuss the business behind it; land permits, meetings with the City, costs of materials, etcetera – all very necessary details to the process, even interesting depending on the way you’re wired. But now that it’s open, why not talk about the hotel itself?… specifically… the WOW factor!

Parlez Vous Francais, Anyone?

Lobby at the Sandman Signature Prince George

When’s the last time you saw neon, indoors, that looked this good? This feature is compelling on many levels, and is intended to serve a variety of functions. The most practical function: light. Probably second on the list: spark conversations. This piece prompts many to ask, “What does that say again?”, triggering now-distant memories of French class, trips to French-speaking countries. “bonne nuit. beaux reves. dors bien.” Once translated, the message is to encourage sleep – crucial in the hotel industry. “good night. beautiful dreams. sleep well.” Afterall, if you can’t encourage people to sleep, and to sleep well, then let’s face it, your days are numbered!

 Kate Kraumanis, lead Interior Designer of this hotel, says that this feature has definitely piqued the most interest so far. “I loved the idea of having a simple neon sign behind the reception but I thought if I wrote it in French it would not only act as a lighting feature but also spark conversation… mission accomplished! I have had more than a few calls and emails asking what it says and what the inspiration is behind it…”

The Sleep

King Room at Sandman Signature Prince George

Seriously folks.. how good does this look? Intended for people traveling on business, or young families stopping in for the night, each room in the Sandman Signature Prince George has been designed to make everyone comfortable – to make everyone feel as though they are at home.

Clean and simple – check.

Textured and appealing – check.

Modern and comfortable – check.

Nature, meet Contemporary. Contemporary, meet Nature.

Lobby of Sandman Signature Prince George

Some people prefer staying indoors, while others like to go play outside. The lobby is designed to have a contemporary cabin feel, incorporating small accents like the deer motif on the area rugs and the tree cut offs as side tables. To further the cabin atmosphere, seating is broken up into different areas, using of oversized floor lamps, soft wool area rugs, and comfy couches to help create separate living spaces, rather than the usual open-plan lobby.

This all being said, you have to see it to believe it! The next time you’re in Prince George, you’ll have to visit us. Call 1 800 SANDMAN and chat with our Reservations Agents about availability.

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